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Chips. CHiPs episodes were usually a combination of light comedy and drama. In California, the best of life, the worst, and everything between can be found on the freeways, the urban. A salty tasty potato crisp that goes good with any meal.

Chips Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Wow, look at the chips on that motherboard! You can have Chips using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chips

  1. Prepare 1 of patate douce.
  2. You need of Huile d'olive.
  3. You need of Sel.

What kind of chips should we get: barbecue or sour cream and onion? Potato Chips, Corn Chips, Tortilla Chips, chip chips. By chips, we mean what bristish people might also refer to as 'crisps'. Very similar snack foods are welcome too.

Chips instructions

  1. Éplucher la patate douce et la couper en rondelles très fines soit au couteau soit à la mandoline..
  2. Mettre les rondelles dans un saladier avec de l'huile d'olive et du sel. Bien mélanger afin que les rondelles soient bien imbibées d'huile d'olive..
  3. Les placer sur une plaque avec du papier sulfurisé et les mettre au four 20 minutes à 18 degré..
  4. Les chips doivent être croustillantes. Si ce n'est pas le cas rajouter 5 minutes de cuisson..
  5. Laisser refroidir et déguster.

The site was originally titled The Original "CHiPs" Web Page and was created during a "CHiPs" viewing. Users are able to generate CHIPS through the process of mining. More information can be found at. Chips Ahoy is a character role-played by NotoriousNorman. Seen around Los Santos often slouched and in need of crack, Chips "Crack" Ahoy (First name Twelve Piece Extra Crispy but soon changed to.

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